A DIY office desk cafe and a cup of tea on a desk.

DIY Office Desk Café Box

Sometimes during the daily grind you just need to take time for a quiet cup of tea or hot chocolate. You could make a run to the nearest café or even the break room. But if you’re an introvert like me, sometimes you just want to enjoy some downtime in your own little space. Or perhaps you can’t step away from your desk for long, or there’s no room to store your favorite drinks and such in the break room. Well if you have some free space on your desk, you can fill this simple DIY office desk cafe box with […]

A multicultural welcome sign.

Retro Craft | Multicultural Welcome Sign

My mom was a craft genius! Sprinkled throughout our house are some the the brilliant crafts and projects she came up with. One of my favorites is a welcome sign that hung by our front door for years. It had doll-like little girls holding out their hand to each other. Unfortunately Mother Nature was a little rough on the plaque over the years, so not it has been moved into storage. However, I decided it was time to update and remake this retro craft with a multicultural twist.