A roly-poly 6th Doctor doll (Doctor Who).

Roly-Poly Dolls | 6th Doctor

We’re getting closer and closer to the start of Doctor Who series 10! Today’s post for The Twelve-ish Doctor Dolls features a very colorful 6th Doctor doll. Colin Baker’s Doctor could be be a bit smug and irascible, but underneath it all he was still the same old Doctor with a heart of gold. And green. Maybe some plaid. Oh, how about some stripes and polka dots?! And this roly-poly doll captures all of the 6th Doctor’s energy and bravado.

A roly-poly 5th Doctor doll (Doctor Who).

Roly-Poly Dolls | 5th Doctor

The Twelve-ish Doctor Dolls continues with a roly-poly 5th Doctor doll. Peter Davison’s genial incarnation of the Doctor explored the sensitivity and vulnerability of the famed Time Lord. But don’t let his easygoing nature fool you. Armed with a cricket ball and a decorative stick of celery, this 5th Doctor doll is ready to take on any baddie in the universe.

A roly-poly 4th Doctor doll (Doctor Who).

Roly-Poly Dolls | 4th Doctor

Next up on The Twelve-ish Doctor Dolls countdown is the 4th Doctor. Considered by many to be the most iconic, Tom Baker’s incarnation of the Doctor is perhaps the most alien and eclectic. Adorned with the universe’s most famous scarf and a bag of jelly babies, this roly-poly doll captures all the whimsy and eccentricity of the 4th Doctor.

A roly-poly 3rd Doctor doll (Doctor Who).

Roly-Poly Dolls | 3rd Doctor

Just 11 days until Doctor Who series 10! Next up in the The Twelve-ish Doctor Dolls is the 3rd Doctor. Jon Pertwee’s suave and charismatic take on the Doctor certainly brought a kick of action and grandeur to the show. Complete with frills and an elegant Inverness cape, this roly-poly 3rd Doctor doll makes quite the dapper doppelganger.

A roly-poly 2nd Doctor doll (Doctor Who).

Roly-Poly Dolls | 2nd Doctor

The countdown to Doctor Who series 10 continues with The Twelve-ish Doctor Dolls! Today’s post is a tribute to Patrick Troughton’s lovable incarnation of the Doctor. Complete with a miniature recorder and a crumpled handkerchief, this roly-poly 2nd Doctor doll might just be the universe’s most adorable cosmic clown.

The roly-poly 1st Doctor doll.

Roly-Poly Dolls | 1st Doctor

Series 10 of Doctor Who starts in less than two weeks! *Insert excited fangirl squeeing* I thought it would be fun to countdown to the new series with a little feature I’ve decided to call The Twelve-ish Doctor Dolls. Every day from now until April 15th, there will be a new post on how to make a roly-poly doll based on all twelve-ish Doctors. Let’s kick things off with a doll inspired by William Hartnell’s classic take on the universe’s favorite Time Lord.

Around the World Party | Scotland

January 25th is Burns Night in Scotland. For those unfamiliar with Burns night, it’s a celebration of the life and work of the famous Scottish author, Robert Burns. Traditionally, a Burns supper is held, complete with pipers, poetry, and haggis. Such an occasion sounds like a great opportunity to plan another Around the World party. So its off to Scotland we go! This rugged, beautiful land is rich in culture, history, and tradition just waiting to be explored!

Freshly baked Time Tam cupcakes.

Tim Tam Cupcakes

G’day, you lovely lot! Who else is excited for the start of the Australian Open? If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that last May I started making special cupcakes for each of the Grand Slams. Well today I’m going to cap off this series with an Australian Open inspired cupcake. I’ve heard quite a few people who’ve traveled to Australia talk about Tim Tams and the famous “Tim Tam Slam”. Tim Tams are a chocolate biscuit or cookie that’s filled with chocolate cream and dipped in chocolate. I couldn’t pass up the chance to incorporate cookies […]

Moriarty's Baked Apples | Sherlock

Moriarty’s Baked Apples | Sherlock

Can you believe there’s less than a week until the start of Sherlock series 4?! And since a new series of Sherlock is literally as rare as a blue moon, I couldn’t pass up this chance to concoct a special dessert. This dish is inspired by everyone’s favorite consulting criminal, Jim Moriarty. Stuffed with gingerbread and chocolate, these tender baked apples are a peculiarly delightful combination of sweet, tart, and spicy. Simple to make, Moriarty’s Baked Apples are the perfect treat for marathoning Sherlock or a fun dessert to make for a premier party.

A freshly baked chocolate lava cake with ice cream.

Chocolate Orange Lava Cake

It just isn’t Christmas without oranges. A garland of dried oranges speckled with cloves. A simmering pot of wassail with fresh orange slices. And let’s not forget the orange in the stocking on Christmas morning. One of my favorite orange-y Christmas treats is Terry’s chocolate oranges. My family usually buys loads to give out as Christmas presents to friends and family, so we always have a couple boxes leftover after the holidays. This chocolate orange lava cake is a delicious way to use up any chocolate oranges you may have sitting around. Because what could be more Christmas-y than oranges, […]