A plate of graham cracker and frosting cookies.

Grandma Moo’s Graham Cracker Cookies

Recently I’ve been on a bit of a nostalgia trip. For Easter I made all of the old family-favorite recipes we’d have at my grandma’s house. That got me thinking about all the other snacks and food Grandma Moo always had on-hand. From Pringles and Pepsi to freshly peeled apples and Mason jars of carrots and celery, grandma always had something yummy to snack on. I have countless childhood memories of munching on these sandwich-cookie hybrids and hanging out with my grandma–learning how to sew, watching The Price is Right, chatting. I know I’m not the only who grew up eating these treats, but for those who might not have heard of them, trust me when I say they will be flying out of the cookie jar faster than you can fill it.



A stack of graham cracker and frosting cookies.


As a side note, for those of you wondering why in the world I call my grandma Grandma Moo, well the answer is quite simple. She loved cows! And over the years, she accumulated a collection of cow-themed items (mugs, tins, t-shirts, etc.), so the nickname stuck.


Grandma Moo


These cookies are so easy and quick to make that I hesitate to even call it a recipe.


First, the frosting…You could make your own frosting from scratch, but as far I can remember, my grandma always used store-bought vanilla frosting. Other types of frosting work too. For purely scientific purposes, I had to buy tubs of butter cream and chocolate frosting as well. A sacrifice, I know, but a shrewd scientist explores all possibilities, right? The results: all of them are equally delicious, but go for vanilla if you want that classic flavor. Next, pickup a box of original graham crackers. Then simply spread one or two heaping spoonfuls of frosting onto one half of the cracker. Don’t spread the frosting all the way to the edge, or it will spill over when you sandwich it with the other half of the graham cracker.


Et voilà! Store your graham cracker cookies in a cookies jar or plastic container. Some recipes say to put the cookies in the freezer, but my grandma always just left them in a cookie jar on the kitchen counter. You can eat them right away, but trust me when I say that you should wait until the next day to dig in. Over time, the graham crackers will absorb moisture from the frosting and get deliciously soft. So fight back the urge to eat them the same day. Your patience will be rewarded in 24 hours when you bite into one of these heavenly soft, sweet, and creamy creations.


The ingredients for graham cracker and frosting cookies.

Making a plate of graham cracker and frosting cookies.

A single graham cracker and frosting cookie.

A tub of vanilla frosting.

A plate of graham cracker and frosting cookies.

A stack of graham cracker and frosting cookies.

A stack of graham cracker and frosting cookies.


I hope you enjoy this little “recipe” as much as I do! The next time you’re wondering through the grocery store, pick up a tub of frosting and a box of graham crackers and enjoy a fun night making these with family or friends. Or perhaps reward yourself by whipping up a batch. Either way, I hope these sweet treats add as many happy memories to your life as they have to mine. 

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