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Decongestant Shower Melts

Decongestant Shower Melts

Tis the season for stuffy noses! Fa la la la la, la la…Ah-choo! The classic cold. That pesky influenza virus. And my personal favorite, sinus infections. All of these friendly, little germs will likely make an appearance at your annual Christmas party. These decongestant shower melts combine the soothing properties of VapoRub with the benefits of essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus. Add in some good, old-fashioned steam and the snot doesn’t stand a chance. So if you’re suffering from a stuffy nose or just looking for a thoughtful holiday gift, check out these refreshing shower melts!

A pot of pumpkin chocolate chip lip scrub on a plate of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Lip Scrub

Boo! Halloween is just a hop, skip, and a broom ride away, so I thought I’d kickoff this spook-tacular month with a treat. This pumpkin chocolate chip lip scrub smells and tastes just like a soft, warm pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. Everyone needs a little chocolate at Halloween, right? Now you can get your fix without the guilt of diving into a bag of fun-sized candy bars. This lip scrub is also perfect for those cold fall days when your lips need a little TLC. 🎃

A stress relief kit.

DIY Stress Relief Kit

Plenty of people have a first-aid kit stashed in their bathroom or car. But are you as prepared when it comes to your emotional and mental health? A stress relief kit is easy to put together and can be a real lifesaver on days when stress threatens to get the better of you. You wouldn’t just ignore a cut or burn, so why ignore stress? This kit will help put you on the path toward being happier, healthier, and more productive.

Mint Limeade Body Scrub

April showers? Freshen up on those cold, drizzly days with this mint limeade body scrub. Made with a few simple ingredients, this invigorating body scrub will leave your skin feeling smooth and luxuriant. Besides sloughing off dead skin cells, gently massaging a body scrub into your skin may also boost circulation and help drain your lymph nodes. You might also discover your skin soaks up even more moisture when you apply your post-shower moisturizer. And who doesn’t like the sweet, refreshing scent of mint and lime? Altogether, it’s the perfect thing for brightening up those rainy spring days.     Print Mint Limeade Body […]

A bag of Doctor Who Shower Jelly Babies.

Doctor Who Shower Jelly Babies

While I must admit I’ve only been to Lush once, I’ve heard all about their impressive array of handmade products. One of the oddest and most intriguing ones I’ve heard about is shower jelly. A wibbly wobbly, bubbly wubbly form of soap perfect for exterminating dirt and grim. Being a Whovian, when I heard “jelly”, my mind naturally meandered to that age-old question: Would you like a Jelly Baby? So I set out to create a saponaceous version of the Doctor’s favorite sweet. Because spa and beauty products are good; nerdy spa and beauty products are even better!

A DIY office desk cafe and a cup of tea on a desk.

DIY Office Desk Café Box

Sometimes during the daily grind you just need to take time for a quiet cup of tea or hot chocolate. You could make a run to the nearest café or even the break room. But if you’re an introvert like me, sometimes you just want to enjoy some downtime in your own little space. Or perhaps you can’t step away from your desk for long, or there’s no room to store your favorite drinks and such in the break room. Well if you have some free space on your desk, you can fill this simple DIY office desk cafe box with […]

A cup of tea surrounded by tea packets.

My Top 5 Stress Relief Teas

“Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world revolves–slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. Live the actual moment. This moment in life.” -Thich Nhat Hanh   Tea: a time-honored tradition in countries and civilizations throughout time. A warm cup of tea is synonymous with taking a break, momentarily withdrawing from the troubles of the world. It’s that withdrawal that makes tea a great stress management technique. Taking just a few minutes focus solely a cup of tea, its warmth and flavor, can halt the stress response and improve your mood. Here are […]

A pile of sweet citrus shower bombs next to a fresh orange and dried orange peel.

Sweet Citrus Shower Bombs

Bath bombs and aromatherapy–two trends that continue to skyrocket in popularity. And why not? In today’s helter-skelter world, it’s more important than ever to find ways to combat negative stress. A hot bath is a classic stress reliever, but throw in a bath bomb with essential oils and you up the ante. Essential oils work by sending a message to your hypothalamus, which is the region of your brain that controls hormone production. These hormones, in turn, control mood, body temperature, sleep, and much more. And while essential oils will not solve all your problems, the right aromas can help take […]