A violet and white crocus.

Camera Shy | May Flowers

I love spring! Perhaps it’s the gardener in me, but this time of year is just so vibrant and magical. The snow in the valleys has slowly trickled away and the trees and mountains are tinged with a delicate, youthful green. Crocuses and other spring flowers break through the soil and begin to blush with vivid colors. Everything is imbued with life and energy. I could happily live in a world with just two season, so long as those seasons were spring and summer. For this Camera Shy post, I thought I’d share some of the photos I’ve taken this spring. I hope you enjoy!


A red tulip.

Small light violet flowers.

A light pink hyacinth.

A white crocus.

A yellow daffodil.

A white and blue striped Puschkinia.

A violet and white crocus.

A bunch of yellow daffodils.

A light pink hyacinth.

A yellow and red tulip.

A white and blue striped Puschkinia.

A violet hyacinth.

Young, vibrant leaves on a willow tree.

Fringed pink tulips.

A group of bluebells.

A purple allium.

Young strawberries and their white flowers.

A swath of Snow-In-The-Summer.

A couple of horned violets.


What are some of your favorite flowers? Let me know in the comments!

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